Choose the hill upon which you will die, Audra.  Choose the hill.  Is this really it?

This is my life motto right now.  My kids are making me nuts.  Everything about them.  Their music, their attachment to their cell phones, their affinity for carrying around a pocket-sized mirror so they can readjust their hair and reapply their lip gloss every four minutes, their sense of entitlement to have and do what they want when they want, their inability to speak in a normal tone of voice as opposed to a yell, their defiant “why-don’t-you-come-and-make-me” glares [which seem to come more and more frequently as we get closer to summer].

I will not die on this hill.  The only hill I am willing to die on is the one that says all the frustration is worth it, because their hearts are worth it.  Even when their actions speak irritation into the very core of who I am, I am in this to strike a chord in their hearts that reminds them that there’s a world much bigger than they are, and it’s their job to influence it well.

They are worth it.  They are worth it.  I want to choke them some days, but…they are worth it.


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