They say that there are three variations of people in any given person’s life; those who enter for a reason, those who pass through for a season, and those who stay for a lifetime.  And when people first walk into our lives, we don’t get the privilege of knowing which type of relationship they will be.

Melissa, when she first entered the scene of my life, was anticipated to be one of those “season” kind of people for me.  We met my freshman year in high school; her husband Michael was the band director and she was the flag corps sponsor.  I spent all four years of high school as a part of the flag corps, and over time, I grew to love this woman and her family very much.  Somehow, though, it never even crossed my mind that our relationship might contine to thrive after I graduated.

However, God proved me wrong; these days, I know Melissa to be a person who is in my life for a reason AND a lifetime, a gift I’m eternally grateful for.  Over the course of the past seven years since I left high school and through the ups and downs of life, Melissa has become something even better than a teacher or sponsor; she has become one of my most trusted mentors, one of my very best friends, and someone I cherish sharing life and ministry with.  She is one of the most genuine, loving, and Godly people I know, and it is truly a privilege to be planted in the dirty soil of God’s people with her.

She asked me to be a guest-writer on her blog this month, to join her in speaking during this rainy month about how God reveals His character in the storms of our lives.  I gladly did so, and that blog-link is posted below.  I encourage you to check out her entire blog.  I promise you it will not be time wasted.



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