It has been a beautiful weekend.

I love that, even in the middle of such an introspective time, the Lord gives us times of relaxation and recharging.  This weekend has definitely been one of those times.  And despite the fact that my natural tendency is to reflect on the deeper things that sometimes cause me to get inside my own head beyond my ability to get out of it…I think today is a perfect time to reflect on the things in my life that are perfectly simple and beautiful in that simplicity.

I am blessed by my husband.  He is unbelievably patient and kind with me.  And these past few weeks, I have seen him grow immensely in his walk with God.  Sometimes it’s so hard for him to see himself that way, because he struggles so hard with it, but I see so much growth in the struggle.  In his perseverance to never quit seeking, he is a spiritual leader for me in ways I can’t even describe.  I am challenged by his commitment and his humility and his desire to press on toward the better man.  Being married to him is my greatest blessing.

I am blessed by family, both mine and my husband’s.  We got to sit down and have lunch with my sister and brother brother today, and it was wonderful.  To laugh and talk about life and love and God and family with them was a huge blessing, and it felt a little like home.  And tonight, as we spent time with Josh’s family, I just became even more aware of the beautiful Christlike character of his mother, whom I love so very much.  It is a beautiful thing to have her in my life in the absence of my own mama.  They’re such similar spirits that she, too, feels a little bit like home.

I am blessed by restored relationships.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve reconnected with a great friend of mine.  After several months of living in separate cities, the Lord brought my beautiful friend Cassie back into my life.  I couldn’t be more grateful because, in all of His infinite goodness, He did it at the perfect time.  It feels kind of rare to encounter hearts that you identify with totally, and Cassie is one of those for me.  The Lord is heart at work in both of our lives, in very similar directions, and I am terribly excited to share in this season of change and growth with her.

I am blessed by the small things that refresh me, the things that are so familiar that I’m barely aware of them.  By hot tea at midnight, by the smell of the world after the rain, by the safely addictive nature of a good book, by great music that I’ve never heard before, by laughing out loud, by comfy shoes that are simultaneously really cute, by colby jack cheese sticks, by late night text messages, by being called Princess, by juice first thing in the morning, by giggling at the happiness of my best friends, by Josh’s impersonations of everyone we encounter, by dancing in public, by organized medicine cabinets, by the way sheet music looks, by bright colors, by good hair days, by spooning, by clean sheets, by sleeping in, by inside jokes, and by happy memories. 

I am blessed beyond my ability to measure it.


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