My husband is awesome, and he teaches me so much on a daily basis about being a person who serves others first and himself second.  He reminds me that it’s okay to have roots, that being grounded to one spot might not be sexy…but it’s steady and it can be most faithful.

I need to start thinking about what it looks like to minister here.  For the past several months, a little bit of my heart has been in Texas.  Well…somewhere between a little bit and a lotta bit.  We went to visit our great friends Megan and KC there several months ago, and we experience this unreal sense of home, with Meg and KC as always, and with their pastor and his wife, Andy and Jen.  We’d never met Andy and Jen before, but there was something about them that sticks with me to this day.  A hospitality…a natural grace…a shocking authenticity…and a centeredness around their ministry.  Everything about them was inviting and comfortable and yet somehow extremely challenging.  I, having the gypsy tendencies that I do, was prepared to relocate to Dallas that weekend to be a part of the ministry we sensed going on there.

And yet…Josh reminds me frequently, as he did again today, that we maybe we don’t have to live in Texas to experience that.  Maybe the whole point of that journey was that we’re called to BE that.  How do we find ourselves becoming Andy and Jen? How do we become so overwhelmingly hospitable and gracious that in our presence, believers and non-believers alike find themselves at home and yet out of their comfort zone?

How do we become that for the people immediately in front of us? For Josh’s brothers and my coworkers and the people we go to church with and our best friends and our social acquaintances and the people we run into at Price Chopper?

Maybe the point of this faith we have isn’t having the freedom to run away to far off places in order to be fed.  Maybe it’s about staying where you are and doing the feeding yourself.

There is an ache in my spirit tonight.  A longing for something more.  And I struggle with the idea that I’m called to BE more instead of to FIND more.


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