There are moments in time and times in life that you wish you could capsulize.  Take all the beauty and all the wonder and all the anticipation and all the impending births and all the ways you can feel all of it rising in your chest, and fit it into one nice, neat little package and share it with the world.  Me, I want to share it with the world in words.

The closest I can come tonight is to say this: tonight, I feel Heaven coming to Earth in my chest.

And I want so desperately to expound on that.  I’ve been wanting to expound on it since last Sunday, but every time I sit down to write, it becomes more than I can comprehend, let alone commit to words.  Which is very frustrating for me, as someone who’s always been gifted with an extraordinary command over the English language.  And each day, new thoughts and revelations and realities to consider are added to the ones already there, so the wealth of it all is becoming overwhelming.  And I keep wanting to write it down so that I don’t forget it.  I want to detail it so it doesn’t fade.

Maybe this is the lesson.  Maybe Heaven coming to Earth isn’t something I can say or describe or explain.  Maybe it’s something I can only be and live and do.  So I’ll leave it at this:

God is.


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