I love few things more than creating relationships.  I love few things more than writing.  I love few things more than hot tea.  I love few things more than good music.  I love few things more than warm, fuzzy blankets in the winter time.  Combining all of the above is a little bit of utopia for me.  I find myself doing it frequently, much like I am tonight.  Curled up with my blanket and my Mac and a cup of hot tea and some Sufjan Stevens.

This can be a ministry? What??

Sometimes I think we get caught up in the idea that ministry has to be something big.  Something difficult.  Something that includes giving something up.  And truly, sometimes ministry is all of those things.

But the beauty of the way God works is that there is eternal weight in the small actions of our everyday life.  I get to curl up here with all of my favorite things and spend an evening messaging back and forth a dear friend who’s in the middle of a tough week, showing her love and encouragement from miles away.  I get to spill my heart in my blog, and maybe no one reads it…but maybe someone does, and maybe my story is a little like theirs; and maybe for a few minutes, they feel a little less isolated in this big, big world.  I get to share what God’s doing in my heart in the fifteen seconds it takes to update my Facebook status.

I think God gives each of us a story for a reason.  He gives it to us so that we can share it, so that we can share life, so that we can share Him.  And more now than at any other time in history, we have access to countless people who live all over the globe.  A few days ago, in the same day, I was able to use social media to speak to both a friend who lives less than thirty miles away and my baby brother who is stationed in the desert of Afghanistan.  The magnitude of the opportunities this presents is still hitting me.

I’m reading a book called @stickyjesus with a group of women who are, from different parts of the US, jointly reflecting on what it looks like to be salt and light in a social media world.  On how to effectively use it to further plant in the dirty soil of God’s people, on using all our resources to bring Heaven here, to be Him to them.

Praying that God further reveals to me through this study how I can be using the things I already love to give energy and life to others.

In His grip.



4 thoughts on “.light.up.

  1. I used to think ministry was hard and yucky too. It’s such a blessing to be able to serve others and love every second of it.

  2. Mel says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Aud. Good thoughts! Love that we are sharing this moment! Where would we be if we didn’t have this outlet to share life? With you on one side of the state and me on the other we probably would have a hard time staying in touch!

  3. Brooke says:

    ministering to others is such a blessing – why don’t we remember that and do it more often?

  4. “There is eternal weight in the small actions of our everyday life.”

    Now that’s powerful!

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