rethinking rethinking

So the time has come to evaluate the moth-by-month resolution experiment.

The success/failure of January depends entirely on the expectation, and whether perfection is the goal or growth is the goal.  I think it’s gone pretty well, truthfully.  I’m learning that, even in having goals, you have to be okay with having some flexibility and extending grace to yourself.

My first goal was to not eat out for the month of January.  I did not accomplish that, as we ate out with friends a few times during the month.  However, I can say that I eliminated probably 3/4 of my eating out, which is a huge stride forward.  Not perfection, but growth.

My second goal was to do some baking for my neighbor, Sandy.  I did that around the middle of the month, and had the opportunity to sit and talk with her for awhile when I took the cookies over to her house.  It’s amazing to me how hungry people are for companionship, and how much it can mean to them if one person reaches out.  Even a complete stranger.

My third goal was to read four books.  That one did not go so well.  Here’s what I’m learning about myself: I have literary ADD.  I have the hardest time reading all the way through one book before starting another.  I read all of For Women Only, and I absolutely loved it.  There were a lot of moments when I saw my own husband in the author’s descriptions of a male heart, and I’m trying to put some of that knowledge into practice in my marriage.  The other three books, I read part of, but never finished.  So I’ve decided that for February, I’m going to revamp my reading goals accordingly.

And now…February.

Again, I’m making three goals for the month.

Since I already mentioned my reading revamp, I’ll go there first.  My goal for February, instead of reading four books, is to read three books.  Two of them I have chosen beforehand:  When I Don’t Desire God, by John Piper, and The Sacredness of Questioning Everything, by David Dark.  The other book, I’m going to leave up to my own personal whim.  My goal in my reading is to finish one book before I start another.

Goal number two: Cutting out all drinks other than water and unsweetened tea.  Including soda, milk, coffee, and so forth.

Goal number three: Working out three days a week for thirty minutes.

Bring it on, February.


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