taking up space

I’m somewhat addicted to cleaning out my closet.

Probably once every three months, I go through my living space and start collecting things that I don’t use.  Because for some reason, I have no tolerance for owning things I don’t use.  I don’t like it when things take up space unnecessarily.

And yet, my life is quite a different story.

So I’m looking to clean out my life.  There’s a lot of stuff in my life.  Some of it useful.  Some of it enjoyable.  Some of it? Just…there.  Taking up space, because in many ways, I seem to be afraid of empty space in my day; far different from how I feel about my closet.  So I just fill it to the brim and hope the things I fill it with are things that end up being of value.

I can honestly say this is the first year that, as Lent approaches, I’m spending some time truly thinking and praying about what I want to do.  In past years, I’ve taken an admittedly willy-nilly approach to these kinds of things [as I do much of my life, if I’m to be wholly honest].  Something sounds good, so I jump into it headfirst.

I’d truly like this year to be different.  So I’m examining things.  Praying over the clutter in my life, considering what’s edifying and what’s really just taking up space and time and energy and all of those good things that God usually has pretty awesome plans for, if we leave them to His devices.

Placing my faith in His ability to clear out the junk and fill it or not fill it as He so desires.


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