I’m looking for a bigger picture, when it feels like I’ve spent a big chunk of life focused on the puzzle pieces.

There’s this tiny verse in I Corinthians that says something that’s been heavily pressing on my mind.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.”

We’ve been talking a lot about these words in our current sermon series at church.  We’ve talked a lot about how these three attributes are the core of who we are in Christ, the core of Him in us.  We’ve talked about how these three things are the roots from which we bring Heaven to Earth.

But there’s one word in there that’s got me caught up, and going through the context of the verses over and over.  Remain.

Remain…after what?

And as I keep praying and thinking over those words, there’s this one thought that keeps coming back to me.  What if faith, hope, and love are the three things that remain after God clears out my life of every other motive I live from? What if I were sudden free of the roots of selfishness, pride, fear, competition…the list goes on and on.  What would my life look like if I actually DID live out of faith, hope, and love–and let God get rid of the rest? If every action and word I committed to history flowed out of those three places?

Dream big, huh?

Last year during the season of Lent, I gave up Facebook.  That lasted for about three days.  The year before that? Couldn’t even tell you what I gave up.  That goes a long way in telling you how life-changing and soul-shaping it was.

This year, I want to focus less on the “giving up” and more on the replacement.  Sure, it’s a great exercise in discipline to give something up, but for myself, a large part of the growth comes in what I replace that abandoned thing with.

Every day, I leave school on my lunch period to go get something to eat.  I’m usually gone for twenty to thirty minutes.  For the next forty days, I want to spend that twenty to thirty minutes searching the heart of God for what it looks like to live out of faith, hope, and love.  Some days that may look like fasting.  Some days that may look like journaling or being in the Word.  I don’t know what shape it will take, and I don’t mind.

I’m looking for a bigger picture.


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