quiktrip wisdom

So I’m learning a lot about life these days, partly by way of learning to take care of my body.

A couple weeks ago, I got a gym membership and with it, gave up many of the terrible eating habits I’ve spent 26 years painstakingly creating.  I can honestly say that the past two weeks have been the first time in my life that I’ve ever taken care of my body with any consistency.  I’m gaining a new awareness for how it feels to eat well and how it feels to stretch my body to (what feels like) it’s limitations and then magically feel it going beyond.

Today, however, I decided to reward myself.  On my way home from work, I decided to indulge in one of my absolute favorite guilty pleasures: two QuikTrip Buffalo Chicken Bites.  I find it funny that the call them bites when, in all reality, they’re not even CLOSE to bites.  But they’re wonderful.

So I got home, curled up on my bed, and partook of my treat.  And they tasted just as good as I remembered them.  And five minutes later, they were gone.  And five minutes after that, something occurred to me…they didn’t really feel as good on my stomach as I remembered.  The immediate gratification was much better than the long-term reality.  As good as they tasted during the eating, I realized my body feels much better after a spinach salad with some avocado and almonds and a tall glass of water.

And I remembered at that moment something that I read several months ago when I first started thinking about they way I treat my body and the things I put in it.  I remember reading that part of America’s obesity problem stems from the fact that we don’t feed our actual hunger; we feed our craving for fat, sugar, and salt.  We miss the point of the initial need and start feeding another craving entirely.

I think that’s a lot like life.


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