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So I did it.  I caved and got an iPhone this weekend.  Anyone who has seen my phone recently knows I was well due for an upgrade! But as silly as it sounds, I struggled a little bit with the decision.

We are a society who is becoming increasingly dependent on technology.  And maybe it’s the voice of my parents in my head–keep in mind, my parents don’t have Internet access or a functioning computer at their house, and neither one of them know how to send or receive a text message–but I’m not entirely sure I’d call it progress.

It makes my heart ache to watch my students at school during passing periods, standing in scattered circles throughout the hallways, not talking to each other, but with their eyes glued to their phones.  I cringe as I listen to them having a “conversation” with each other, one with sentences barely longer than a text message, and almost always with each of them barely glancing at each other from time to time over the screen of their cell phone.

Are we losing our ability to have actual relationships, because we’re so busy with the sentence-at-a-time relationships technology offers us? That concerns me.  And it’s not just my kids.  Even adults are so mesmerized by the constant flood of stimuli that anything as taxing as a conversation barely seems with committing to.  This is not okay with me.  I don’t want to become that person.  I want to use the technology we’ve been given as an aid in relationships–but not as a crutch to keep me from actually having to HAVE relationships.  There’s a pretty big difference, and it’s a difference that I’m trying to keep in mind as I wade into this world of always-at-your-fingertips technology.

On the upside, however…

I was recently browsing though the blog of a dear friend of mine, and one of the things she mentioned at some point was that nothing had ever influenced her spiritual life more than when she really started to dig into the Word.  That’s a tough one for me.  I’ll admit that, back in my home church, I was rarely a “Daily Bible Reader.”  I always managed to get hung up on the questions of where to start and how much to read and what time of day to read.

I have to say that my iPhone has made that SUPER simple.  I downloaded an app called YouVersion, and it is awesome.  Piggybacking off the experience of the recent experience of another close friend, for the first time in my life, I’m embarking on an attempt to read the Bible from beginning to end.  How long it’ll take me, I have no idea.  I may not ever be the “read your Bible in a year” type, but I can’t tell you how excited I am about getting to know the God that scripture knows.  For many years, I’ve been relying on other people to tell me who God is and what He says and thinks.  Now it’s time to dig into His take on Him.

Stay tuned.


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