Lesson for the day: God will go to unfathomable lengths to make us open our eyes and see Him and His abundant blessings.

I’m learning that so often, He gives us exactly what we want, or think we need.  And often times it happens not because that thing we want or think we need is actually His best for us…but because He knows, in all His divine brilliance, that we’re stubborn.  That we won’t even SEE His best for us when we’re so bent on believing His best for us is something else.

I imagine Him smiling and shaking His head after we’ve been so long stuck in one place, staring at the bright green grass on the other side of the fence.  I can see Him shrugging and saying, “Okay, kid.  Have at it.  Go figure it out for yourself.”

Often, the process of us figuring it out for ourselves is pretty dramatic.  Then, especially then, I think the realization that God had already given you exactly what you needed and the time is quickly approaching when you’re going to be hauling yourself right on back into His yard…well, that realization is pretty dramatic as well.

“Why? Wasn’t there any other way for You to teach me this? To show me that You’d already given me everything I’d need? Maybe a less time-consuming and costly way? Something a little less frustrating and, frankly, humiliating? Something less difficult to explain?”

That’s what I’d say.  And then, I think He’d look me in the eyes and say,

Sure.  But this was what you wanted.  And this is a lesson you won’t soon forget, baby girl.  


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