reflections on simplicity

It is insanity to think that it’s nearly the beginning of a new year.  Five days left to this year.

God and I have been working through a lot of things over this past month.  I spent the season of Advent intentionally unplugged from a few of the things that needlessly take up large chunks of my time.  It was a very refreshing time, one that I’m looking to extend, to be honest.  It becomes very apparent very quickly, when you take a step back from pseudo-responsibilities, how many ridiculous things we elevate to places of importance in our lives.  And usually, they take up time that we could use to do something we actually enjoy or value, rather than something that’s easy and takes up space.  That’s been lesson number one for the past month.

A few pretty big things have been happening during the time that got freed up.  I’ve had a lot more time to spend further developing relationships with some pretty incredible people.  That’s been pretty fantastic, and at the same time, pretty convicting.  It’s become evident during the process that, although I have always believed myself to be a highly relational person, it’s previously been pretty easy for me to skim the surface of most relationships.  And so during this process of digging into a few of them, I find myself sad that I didn’t do so sooner.  You live, you learn.

The biggest thing, however, is that God has continued weaving a theme into my life that He likely began long ago, but I just recently took note of.  And that theme is this: simplicity.  It’s a word that just keeps coming up in books, in sermons, in conversations, in my taste in music, in prayers, in unspoken desires of my heart, in the whisperings of a still small Voice.

Over the years, I have come to find beauty in so many things only because they are so unassuming.  Because they need little decoration in order to stir my soul.  Because they, in their lack of chaos, bring peace to my heart.  The white lights on a Christmas tree.  A Johnny Cash album.  Fresh mozzarella and hot unsweetened tea.  Lying on the cold ground after a long run.  The sound of fingers squeaking across the strings of an acoustic guitar.  Black and white photos.

This world has enough chaos.  I.  I have enough chaos.  I have had enough of having enough chaos.

And in that sentiment, Christ calls me away.  Calls me to His heart, calls me to His way of being, way of living.

Over the next five days, I’m going to be reflecting on five aspects of life that God is calling into simplicity.  Creating open space for Himself to work and be revealed and for me to grow and to know Him more.  Simplicity of speech, frugality, spaciousness of time, leaisure, and simplicity of lifestyle.  I’m excited to dig into these areas of my life that He’s continued to whisper into.

Peace of Christ to you, friends.


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