listening now

This morning is beautiful.  It’s grey and cloudy and beautiful.

My soul is always blessed when I embrace quiet calm.  In my quest to get myself to wake up earlier, I’m finding that I actually enjoy mornings.  Maybe it’s the teacher thing, or the fact that we live with another couple right now.  Those things typically mean that truly silent moments are few and far between for me.  I’m learning to greet them and enjoy them as they come, and even to intentionally make space for them.

And so this morning, after seeing my love off to work, I pulled on a hoodie and an old pair of sweats and curled up in bed with a cup of warm lemon water and stared out the window for awhile.  Watched the colors chasing each other through the window, changing from dark grey to a lighter gray.  Watched my bedroom brighten and the shadows of the blinds begin to fall across the grey bedroom wall.  It’s a subtle but beautiful transformation.

I have spent the bulk of my life missing such beautiful things because of their simplicity.  Because of their quiet calm nature, their refusal to shout out news of their presence over the chaos I have filled my life with to this point.

And so is the voice of my God.

I’m listening now.


One thought on “listening now

  1. It’s funny that the older you get the more you will look for these moments. It’s even more funny that I am doing the exact same thing this morning. Good words, as always….my sweet sister!

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