a little less cliche

I’m terrible at quiet time.

There, I said it.  After twenty-seven years of growing up in the church and hearing of (and agreeing with, even) the importance of what we in the church typically refer to as “quiet time,” I still haven’t done it for the bulk of my life.  It always seems like there’s something else on the agenda that feels more important.  Sometimes that more important thing is catching up on Grey’s Anatomy.  Also, it feels a little cliche, even if beneficial and necessary.

But I’m getting better at it.  Little by little.  The last few weeks, I’ve been working on getting myself out of bed at 5:30 every morning so that I have more than the four minutes I usually allot myself to get ready to for work and get out the door.  It’s gone very well so far, so I’m taking another baby step.  5:15 it is! And I’m dedicating that 15 minutes to the quiet time that I’ve never been very good at.

But here’s what I’m learning.  Our God is very creative, and didn’t wire us all the same.  Probably realized it would have been incredibly boring if He had.  Josh and I are learning a lot lately about how different people experience God and His whisperings in different ways and speak back to Him in different ways.  Mine is generally in music and writing.  My prayers usually come out in one of those two forms.  So for me, it only makes sense that my quiet time would include one of those two things.

[aside: Maybe that’s why I’ve been so bored with quiet time for two and a half decades.  Because I’ve been trying to make it fit what everyone else says quiet time should be, instead of remembering that God knows my heart, since He created it uniquely.  He’s ready to meet me in those most unique places of my heart, with no cookie-cutter in sight.]

So my plan is to write out my thoughts along this journey.  Mostly for clarifying purposes within my own heart, for the sake of going deeper than I usually would.  But also because I know that I’m not the only one on this journey, praise God from Whom all blessings flow! So maybe through my journey, someone else on the journey will be blessed and inspired as well.


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