When I was young, I loved few things more than a sunny summer day.

These days, I think about how wonderful Seattle must be.  The rainy, grey days during which everything seems so much more green.  These are the days that I find myself the most able to slow down.  Maybe it’s because the rain dampens my desire to go outside.  And so I stay indoors.  And I stare out windows a lot, to soak up all the green.  And I drink hot tea.  And I do a lot of thinking about life.

Today, I’m thinking about how hard it is to live simply and slowly.  To drink deeply and divinely from the moments I’m given instead of rushing from one activity to the next on a never-ending list of tasks, and adding more as I go.  I want so much to live simply.  To lead a quiet life.

I have so many dreams.  And I’m thankful God created me that way, so deeply passionate about life in general.  But man, it makes it difficult to slow down sometimes.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, everything I think is beautiful and important.  I find myself racing back and forth from one dream to another, trying to accomplish them all at once.  And sometimes I’m pretty successful at that.  But in the process, I become successful at creating exhaustion in my own soul.

And so days like today are good for my spirit.  To drink in the beauty of everything around me, without needing to create it for myself or anyone else around me.  Sometimes I forget that beauty doesn’t always need to be created, or even captured.  Sometimes it just needs to be seen.


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