apocalyptic zombie lambs

I find myself thinking a lot about Revelation lately.

Yep, that’s right.  Living-dead lambs with seven horns and seven eyes, locusts like horses with crowns and human faces and the teeth of lions, fire-breathing horses with lion heads…

That’s what’s been on my mind the past few days.

I’m struggling with this question, with voices from my past.  I’m struggling with the number of people in my life who have no trouble believing that when John speaks of the end times, all these creatures and a whole load of other absolute madness, he means they will literally, actually exist before our eyes…

…and yet, these same people take bits and pieces of the gospel, of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and determine that He must not have meant them literally.

This does not make sense to me.  For myself…if I can believe that God plans to blow our apocalyptic minds with zombie lambs, I can CERTAINLY believe that He’s just crazy enough to ask me to love my enemies.  To sell what I own and give to the poor.  That the meek will inherit the earth.  Turn the other cheek when someone smacks me and let him have at it.  If someone tries to sue me, give him more than he asks for.  Give to beggars, and loan out my possessions.  Don’t worry about what I have or don’t have.

I mean, sure, those things sound crazy, because this is America and what’s mine is mine is mine is mine. [aside: We sound remarkably like a large group of overgrown toddlers.  Myself included.] But crazier than lion-headed dragon horses?? Why are we okay with the existence of lion-headed dragon horses, and not okay with giving the guy on the street corner the five dollar bill we probably would have spent at Starbucks anyway? Why does the latter seem weirder than the former?

This is a complete and total rant, I realize.  But man.  Jesus is messing with my head with all this “Follow me” business, and sometimes lately I’m just crazy enough to think He meant those two words literally.


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