let music do the talking

Today is a day for music.

I feel achy and uncertain and tangled today.  I’ve spent the past twenty-four hours dying to put some words on paper, to write it out, to capsulize everything in my mind.  To package it up neat and tight and send it out into the world, or maybe just keep it to myself.  Either way works, I just want the chaos out.  I often feel that if I can confine an overwhelming feeling to words, it must not be so big after all.

But I can’t today.  So today is a day for music.  For sitting down at my piano and playing sheerly for the sake of letting the thoughts in my head take shape.  And not only one shape, made to stay the same.  Not to be written down or preserved for posterity or recorded or shared or even remembered for what it was.  But to evolve as my thoughts do, to grow and swell and change and move.  To shift in mood and perspective and feeling.

I’m a little beyond words today.  So today, I’m the kind of girl who will let music do the talking, so that I can just sit and breathe and be for awhile.


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