So I just finished my twentieth day of the 30-Day Shred.  And afterward, I got really excited to take my progress pictures.  And then I took my progress pictures, and I wanted to cry.  Because I don’t see any difference at all, and I really wanted to.

Today is the day when, previously, I would have stopped.  The good news is this.  I have no intention of doing that this time.  Because let’s be real.  I am twenty days in.  Twenty days.  Not even three weeks.  So there is no reason for my getting discouraged right now.

And thus, instead of looking at the negatives, the not being able to see the differences yet, I’m going to talk about the positive changes that have happened during these past ten days since I posted my last progress pictures.

I have worked out every single day.  It’s been twenty days without a miss.  That has literally never happened before.

I have not had pop.  That’s a big one for me, and it’s taken very conscious decision making to stop.

When I’ve had junk food snacks, which hasn’t happened often at all, I’ve done so only after determining exactly how much I’m going to eat.  For example, I don’t sit down with a bag of chips anymore.  I put a handful in a bowl and that’s that.

I’ve barely eaten out at all.  Our bank account is happy about this one, too!

I’ve said no to crappy food, even when the people around me are indulging in it.  That one sucks pretty bad.  But it’s doable, and it feels good afterward.

I went dress shopping this week, and fit into several dresses a size smaller than I’ve been for the past couple years.  That’s a hard one to judge by, since dress sizes fluctuate depending on the designer.  But it felt pretty good anyway!

It’s a process, right? I’m trusting that it is, and I’m going to get up tomorrow and work my butt off like it’s the truth.


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