31 days to listen

I’m taking a cue here.

One from my wonderful husband.  He just turned twenty-eight, and on his birthday, he remarked that his goal for twenty-eight was to enter into a season of slowness.  A season of less.  A season of breathing.  A season of simplicity.  A season of listening.

These past few days, pondering what to spend the next 31 days reflecting on, I’ve been struggling for one very specific topic.  Health and fitness? That’s definitely on my mind these days.  Pregnancy, birth, parenting? That’s been rolling around a lot in there, too.  Encouraging, as a church, biblical feminine sexuality? Big topic for me.  Marriage, from any number of different angles? Strongly considered it.

But while I was thinking, the questions kept popping back into my mind…

What is this next season of your life really going to be about? What’s really important to you? Where does your focus lie? Where do you want it to lie? Are you living out of any sort of intention, or is autopilot starting to take over? 

What if, instead of spending the next 31 days speaking out of a plan, you spent the next 31 days listening…and speaking out of what you hear?

I have no idea what this next 31 days is going to look like.  It’s probably going to be a mess of writings that may or may not be related to one another.  It will probably end up being more a way for God to speak to me than for me to speak to anyone else.  But the urge to find a silent place in my soul, listen, and reflect on what I find there? It tugs at me.

I’d love for you to join me on my jumbled journey.  Maybe in it, you’ll find a piece of your own.

All the posts in this series will be linked to this page, right about here…

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Day 6: 31 days to listen : that calm

Day 7: 31 days to listen : hospitality

Day 8: 31 days to listen : beautiful, special, or enough

Day 9: 31 days to listen : messy, awkward, unacceptable places

Day 10: 31 days to listen : a Jacob spirit

Day 11: 31 days to listen : four years

Day 12: 31 days to listen : an open spaces kind of girl


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