31 days to listen : four years

Sometimes the best changes are a lot more subtle than we’d have originally planned.  You only notice them in the quiet moments, in the stillness of a dark and silent room.

Four years ago, I met an absolutely amazing man.  You might think me biased, since I’m lying in bed next to him at the moment, but I’m not.  Even before he was mine, I knew he was amazing.

Tonight, before he fell asleep, we sat talking about life.  The day and this past year and the future.  Hard things and great things and mundane things.  And as I lay there listening to my best friend speak, enjoyed the steadiness in his voice even in talking about difficult things, I realized something.

The man lying in bed next to me puts that amazing man I met four years ago to shame.

I’m ridiculously proud to be this man’s wife.


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