31 days to listen : close enough for discomfort


The older I get, the more deeply I understand why it’s so hard to let people in.

To let them know who you are, what you desire, where you long to be.

Because some days, those people you let in have grace enough to sit down beside you, and speak the hard words:

“So that place you desire to be? You choices these days aren’t taking you in that direction…”

And deep down, you know they’re right.  You know that they, these people who know you better than most anyone, can see you.  That they love you despite your wandering, but also that they love you enough to remind you of the life you desire.  They love you enough to push you toward the better person that wrestles inside your skin, desperate to get out.

They love you despite your lack of love for discipline, but love you enough to remind you that discipline is actually one of God’s greatest gifts.

They love you for your good intentions, but love you enough to remind you that intentions in and of themselves mean little.

They love you enough to challenge you.  They love you enough to say the hard things.  They love you enough to engage in awkward accountability.

I’m thankful for these people who are close enough to make me uncomfortable with backward motion.


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