[hippie hookups] homemade chapstick

Sometimes, motivation is born out of sheer necessity.

I don’t know about you, but fall and winter are truly wretched times for my skin and lips.  My body gets all up in arms about the indecisive nature of fall weather, and it’s just not pretty.  Then winter rolls in, and things go from bad to worse.  I get scaly and disgusting and my skin falls off in large chunks and Josh asks me to sleep on the couch so as to avoid the avalanche and for the sake of my marriage, something has to be done.

Such is the nature of my story right now.  However, it’s been compounded this year by some major changes I’ve made to my life since last year.  Last year by this time, I would have been slathering on Blistex and St. Ives like my life depended on it.  This year, not so.  It’s weird how much change can happen in twelve months.  Josh and I are slowly working our way toward a more chemical-free home, and things we’re tackling first are the products we put directly on our skin.  It’s been awesome.  It has opened up so many fantastic conversations, and I’ve been presented with so many opportunities to refine my response to the comment, “Audra, you do realize that deodorant’s only like, two bucks at the store…”

Yep! Sure do.

But I digress.

Unfortunately, I’m this awkward combination of stubborn and broke right about now.  I’m absolutely determined to not go around putting nasty chemicals on my skin all willy-nilly.  And at the same time, while making your own skin products is way cheaper in the long run, the start-up costs can get kind of pricey.

But this weekend was the last straw for my lips.  Y’all, when it starts to hurt to kiss my husband, that’s where I draw the line.  So I cozied up with a cup of tea and went on a search for the perfect homemade chapstick to suit my basically non-existent budget, hopefully made mostly from things I already had.  And I found it.  Made a few modifications to suit my own tastes, and BAM.

Three ingredients, kids.  Three.

1 ounce beeswax
2 tbsp coconut oil
5 drops essential oil

Easiest instructions ever.

In a pot, melt down your beeswax and coconut oil.  Add essential oils of your choice.  I went with peppermint, because I had some around already, and who doesn’t love a minty mouth?

After it was all melted down, I poured it into tiny lip balm containers that I bought at The Container Store, 12 for $1.99.  Let them cool, popped the lids on, and called it a day.  Literally took ten minutes of my time.  And seven of those minutes were spent watching my dog maul her stuffed monkey while my oils melted down.

Six of my tiny chapsticks. Three have already been sent to loving homes. Don’t judge on the photography. It’s way too far past my bedtime to be dragging out the good camera. iPhone it is.

Two major perks.  One? No nasty chemicals at all.  I love that, but it may not be your biggest draw.  Different strokes and all.  However, you know you love a bargain, and so do I.  Get this: the above ingredients made me nine little chapsticks.  And after adding up the cost of buying the ingredients and then dividing that by the amount actually USED for this batch, the total cost of those nine little lip balms comes to around $2.00.

That’s approximately twenty-two cents per chapstick.

Twenty-two cents, no nasty chemicals, three minutes of my time.


Oh, but make sure you clean out that pot with hot water before the waxes cool and harden inside it.  Trust me on this one.

DO IT.  You know you want to…


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