Five Minute Fridays [quiet]

Every Friday.  Five minutes of freedom to write with no looking back.  Join us?


 This is a pretty big word for me.

To the degree that I catch myself sitting and staring at my timer before I set it, running my mind through the direction I want to go with this post.  Kind of defeats the purpose, right?

And so I write, with no real idea of where I’m about to go.

Quiet was never something I craved.  I think for the longest time, I was afraid of it.  I was afraid that if I slowed down, got still, and stopped talking, everyone around me would finally see the essence of what I am: absolutely, completely ordinary.

And then, one day I discovered it.  The beauty in quiet.  Those moments in the early morning when it’s so still that you feel as though you can hear the steam rising off the cup of hot tea in your hands.  The moments when the chaos has not begun, and so everything feels clear and easy and just beautiful.

And now, there’s this difficult merging of the two worlds.  Jesus is teaching me to harbor the kind of stillness in my soul that means that I can hear the steam rising off the cup of hot tea in my hands, even when the world around me is in chaos.

To be so still and so quiet in my heart that I am really, truly present and aware.

To not hide myself away from the world so that I might embrace the quiet around me, but to immerse myself in the world so that they might embrace the quiet within me, come to know the One who sets the quiet in my soul and breathes life into it.


One thought on “Five Minute Fridays [quiet]

  1. I came here via Gypsy Mama…lovely post! I especially appreciated that last sentence about hoping others might embrace the quiet within you and know who enables that. A worthy goal! Thanks for sharing!

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