[hippie hookups] if no ‘poo REALLY isn’t for you

Let it be known, I tried. 

Several months ago, I dumped my conventional shampoo and went “no ‘poo.”

I hated it.  

I went about as simple as it gets, and started washing my hair with a mixture of baking soda and water.  I know this method apparently works wonders for a lot of people, so I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from trying.  But I just wasn’t a fan, for two reasons.  First, because I think the phrase “no ‘poo” is ridiculous.  Even if I loved the concept, the cutesy name would make me want to vomit.  Second, my hair just never really felt clean, to be perfectly honest.  Some days it was better than others.  Maybe I just never got the ratio of baking soda to water consistently right.  But after a couple months of this, I started toying with the idea of going back to my conventional shampoo, because I just couldn’t tolerate my hair feeling downright skanky all the time.  

When I finally reached my wits end, I decided that I might give this whole thing one last shot.  Maybe there was a happy medium between conventional shampoo and a baking soda/water mixture.

Oh, friends.  There IS a happy medium.  It is SUCH a happy medium.

I don’t know that my hair has ever felt this good.  All I know is that your hair should feel as good as mine does right now, and so I will not withhold this fabulousness from you.

Homemade green tea shampoo.  

That’s right.  My favorite morning beverage is now a part of my morning showering ritual.

And, as I feel all of life should be, it is ridiculously simple and so cheap it should be illegal.

1 cup pure liquid castile soap
1 cup strong green tea
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp honey

My favorite part about this is that I already had every ingredient in our house.  Y’all, that is magical.  Even more magical, the castile soap I happened to have on hand was Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint.  So now my hair smells like peppermint tea.  It’s fabulous.  

Mix the ingredients together, pour them into a repurposed squeeze bottle of some sort, and call it a day.  Make sure you shake it before each use, though.  The oil and honey tends to sink to the bottom between uses.

And finally, I’m going to make a suggestion.  Because this step seems to make all the difference in the world for my hair.

After rinsing your hair with water, rinse it with raw apple cider vinegar.  It’s great for clearing your hair of any excess gunk, and afterward your hair feels like you’ve used a truly legit conditioner on it.  Don’t worry yourself about the smell.  As soon as your hair is dry, the vinegar smell is gone.  Patience, my pretties.

Happy shampooing!


2 thoughts on “[hippie hookups] if no ‘poo REALLY isn’t for you

  1. Rebecca Johnston says:

    I have been faithfully doing the no poo method for a few months now. About a week into it I had to go back to regular, paraben-free conditioner, because the ACV wasn’t giving my hair the moisture it needs (curly hairs are DRY!!). But I still use the Baking Soda / Water mixture, and I have been pretty happy with it. Very occasionally I use a regular, sudsing shampoo (shhhh). Does your green tea shampoo make suds?

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