dear baby girl

Dear baby girl,

You can’t make everybody happy all at the same time, but you can waste your whole life trying to.

The ability to change your mind might just make you wishy-washy, or it might just mean that you’re not afraid to grow.

It is possible, contrary to the popular belief of many people, to have an opinion without being rude.

It is possible, contrary to the popular belief of many people, to love people you disagree with.

abbi aud 2

Look at the men who already love you to show you what love looks like; it’ll save you many a broken heart.

Your grandpa told me to wait until I was twenty-five to get married; best advice I ever hated taking.

Your daddy taught me well how a lady should be treated by a man; let me him teach you that one, too.

Your uncle knows better than anyone that I’m not perfect; but he loves me like he thinks I am.

abbi aud 3

There are few things in this life that are better for your soul than a few friends who become family.

Write down all the stupid things you do with your best friends that you’re sure you’ll never forget.

Remember that friends are people you can hang out and laugh with, but soulmates are something else.

Friends become soulmates when you find them holding your hand in the middle of your darkest hours.

abbi aud 1

God is impossibly good and impossibly faithful, and He is bigger than you’ve ever imagined.

His timing is never more impeccable than in the moments when you wish He’d show up a bit sooner.

Don’t lose faith.  Don’t lose heart.  Don’t forget to look for God in every thing and every person around you.

And don’t forget that you are always beautiful and always valuable, because you’re always His kid.

I love you forever.  No matter what.


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